​​​As a Special Education Instructor, I have had the privilege of working closely with Kristen. It was amazing to see the progress her clients would make, and the happiness they exuded when working with her. Kristen is always respectful, professional and innovative in her therapy.  She is compassionate and takes time to build relationships with her clients and their families. I consider myself lucky to be a colleague of Kristen Chadwick!​
Mary Jo Pettit
Special Education Instructor
Autism & Behavior Specialist

Kristen provides a high level of speech therapy to our early childhood students.  From session to session, she monitors and adjusts her lessons and activities to better fit the needs of her clients.  She is knowledgeable in her field and works effortlessly to ensure her clients are making progress towards their goals. 
Amy Hogan, Director
St. Gabriel Catholic School

I have known and worked with Kristen Chadwick since 2012. She is an exemplary speech-language pathologist. She is able to quickly establish a wonderful rapport with clients and parents alike, and helps clients make real, measurable improvements in their speech and language. Kristen is a consummate professional, and is able to clearly and concisely answer any questions parents may have about their child's therapy and goals. I highly and unreservedly recommend Kristen to any of my friends who are seeking speech and language assistance for their children.
Amber Wilburn, RN, BSN

Kristen is creative, patient, and able to effectively manage children with different personalities and capabilities. She has a great understanding of speech and language development, as well as tolerance for working with children who have different learning needs. Her treatment plans are interactive, fun, and developmentally appropriate.
Cathy Norman, MOT, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist

I have been working with Kristen for a little over a year. She is always prepared with the lesson and has the materials ready. She makes it fun for the children. She has also been a wonderful resource for the teachers and myself if we have any questions or need some guidance on how to help the children and families. She is very pleasant to work with and friendly. I believe she truly has the best interest of the child in mind and the knowledge to help them achieve success. I would highly recommend her to any family.
​Sharon Hansen, Academy Director
Corporate Kids Early Education Center

Kristen is great with our kids! I see an improvement in the children she works with. She is very professional while working, but also takes the time to say hello to the kids she doesn't work with. She is very reliable! We can always count on her being here! 
Katy Butler, Director
Caroline's House Early Learning & Childcare Center

From Professionals

Thanks to Kristen for all of her hard work with our son on his speech therapy and tongue thrust issues...clearly she makes the sessions fun and he feels special that he gets a couple of sessions each week with a fun person. His verbal skills have improved so much and he is aware and proud of it. He is even happy to practice his words with us at home. I'm convinced that if he didn't enjoy his sessions so much with her that he wouldn't be as willing to work at home.
Stacy B

Kristen has been very professional, and she is excellent with my 3 year old twin boys. I had noticed an improvement in the clarity of their speech and improvement in their vocabulary in as early as one month of our sessions. My boys loved going to their speech therapy sessions with Kristen. Kristen was very flexible and a pleasure to work with.
Angela H

We appreciate all the hard work and time Kristen puts into her job as a speech therapist. Her dedication to further our son's speech was invaluable. In the time he spent with her, we saw a marked improvement in all areas of speech. It was clear the services that the school district had provided for him were not enough. We now feel our son is better equipped to communicate with his words and not be embarrassed by the way they sound. In addition, Kristen acted as an advocate for him and us trying to mediate concerns that we had with insurance companies in regard to services provided.
Jennifer M

In the short time my son has been working with Kristen, he has gone from making a few single consonant sounds to saying an abundance of words and attempting to vocalize a core vocabulary that was specifically developed for him. The sessions are conducted in a nurturing and fun environment, and include intensive interactive play. She truly cares about my son and is 100% invested in him and his future. She even collaborates with my son's preschool teachers to ensure his success. We feel truly lucky to be working with Kristen because she goes above and beyond for our son.
Nicholle A

Kristen is a wonderful speech therapist! She works with my son once a week and soon after he started therapy with her I saw an improvement in his speech very quickly.
Darci G

Kristen works great with our son. He looks forward to going to speech therapy. She is really great about listening and addressing our individual concerns for him. Kristen also gives us tools so we can continue to work with him at home. We would highly recommend Kristen for your child’s needs.
Ozzy and Melissa F

My daughter enjoyed all the activities that Kristen implemented with her speech development. Kristen was kind and patient as she worked with her.
Becky H

We have seen a significant improvement in our son's speech over the past 2 years he has spent with Ms. Kristen. Not only is he easier to understand in general, but we see him making a conscious effort to enunciate and form his mouth correctly. He no longer gets frustrated when we try to correct him, and instead allows us to work with him in correcting the word. As an added benefit to his speech improving, our son truly enjoyed working with Ms. Kristen. So much so, in fact, that we would play "speech" at home and he would pretend to be Ms. Kristen...bookbag and all! We have recommended Ms. Kristen in the past for other clients she has taken on and would do so again!
Brandi M

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